What to expect on your first visit

If it’s your first time coming to the Centrepoint Acupuncture Clinic, here are a few things to expect on your visit.

  • We are located at 88 Palmerston Street, Gulliver. Palmerston is a busy road and there should be plenty of parking on the side of the street.
  • You will see the sign to the right of the property with the fence. Please enter through the gate on the right-hand side and walk up the pathway to Centrepoint Acupuncture Clinic Entrancethe waiting room.
  • Removing your shoes before entering is appreciated. Refraining from smoking on the property is also very much appreciated.
  • If Roger is not there to greet you, he will be with another client but he won’t be too far away. Please relax in the waiting room. A lot of our regulars comment on the tranquility of the space.
  • Roger will get you to complete a new patient form to start the conversation about where you’re at with your health. Please be honest and open with your responses to maximise Roger’s understanding of your health.
  • Please allow around an hour for the first consultation. This allows plenty of time for Roger to listen to your health concerns and advise on a good remedy.
  • Come to the clinic with an open mind and ready to take thoughtful everyday actions to improve your well-being. Roger is very willing to be of assistance.
  • Please note that the clinic has terms and conditions of scheduling an appointment. You can read more about them here.

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