Good “till The Last Drop

Centrepoint Acupuncture, Roger Thompson, Acupuncture Townsville, Chinese medicine Townsville


How often have you felt a change in the way you’re being massaged, towards or at the end of the treatment as the oil is being wiped off ?  It’s like the atmosphere changes from a caring, rhythmic ” conversation ” to a detached business like interaction.You can often feel the withdrawal of the healing space and sense that the therapist is already focused on the next job at hand.

I have felt this numerous times as a recipient of massage over many years.

As a masseur my main goal is to make the special connection that I build with each client last, until I leave the room.In the same way that you gently put down a baby that you’ve nursed to sleep, my intention is to provide you with a soft landing to ease the transition from the massage space, back to the ” real ” world.


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