Painless Needle Insertion


Much is said about the use of special needles ( usually superfine ) to allow painless insertion during acupuncture treatment.This approach however,ignores a crucial factor…the need for practitioner skill.To use a motoring analogy,only a good driver will get good lap times at the racetrack – in any car.

Over the course of 30+ years of practice,one of the main causes of painful insertion I’ve noted is patient tiredness.In this case the insertions have an increased tendency to be sharp,and so I vary my technique to allow for this.

Learning on the job is an integral part of being a successful acupuncturist,and the lessons learned from treating myself have been invaluable;way beyond my original training.I am my harshest critic,so any technical deficiencies encountered are forensically dealt with.

Through this process,I’ve developed strategies that encompass communication and co-operation with each patient that ultimately lead to their empowerment.Thus,even though there may be occasional sharpness,the treatment isn’t painful.


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