About Roger

“I tailor my approach to each patient by virtue of taking the time to discover their individuality. In this way, together we find a unique way to support healing using skills in a variety of modalities that I have been happily exploring and honing for decades.” – Roger Thompson

Roger Thompson studied acupuncture, Chinese massage and herbal medicine at the Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, graduating in 1985. Since then he has dedicated himself to continuing study across the field and sharing that knowledge with his patients.

Roger has studied under many teachers such Prof. Lou Baicheng, Ted Kaptchuk, David Legge, Edward Obaidey and Bruce Bentley.

“I was told by Ted Kaptchuk to follow the texts and my teachers for five years, and then follow my intuition, as an adjunct to those texts and teachers. This has allowed me to remain fresh and flexible in my approach to each new challenge and opportunity that my patients bring. My experience has shown their illness or ailment can be a great teacher. I encourage those attending the clinic to actively engage with their treatment and rehabilitation as this can be an opportunity to learn more about themselves. I too live by this precept as it allows me the empathy to engage with each person who comes to me for treatment.” – Roger Thompson

Roger specialises in musculo-skeletal protocols, gynaecological and stress management techniques. He is also trained in Conflict Resolution and as such places great importance on identifying and resolving the matters that are often the basis of health complaints. Roger is able to assess patients across the range of injuries, medical conditions, lifestyle difficulties and stress-related concerns.

Not only is Roger experienced in acupuncture, massage and herbal therapies, but he is also a keen musician. His love of music extends to the clinic where he often selects the perfect sounds to accompany the patient’s treatment. Roger is a self-confessed Renaissance man, with interests that range from spirituality to sport, rugby to Reiki, art to arithmetic and music to mechanics.


People attending the Centrepoint Acupuncture Clinic can look forward to a holistic treatment, which encompasses their physical and emotional states. Many people who have to attend consultations with Roger say it’s like sitting down with a friend.