Chinese Burns Are A Thing




Did your older siblings,neighbours or schoolyard bullies ever grab your arm and give you a Chinese burn ? You know,when they grab your limb and twist their hands in opposite directions to give the feeling of skin burning whilst turning it a red colour.

Even though this may have felt like torture at the time,your oppressors were actually using a legitimate Chinese massage technique – albiet in an extreme form.

When used with some lubrication,or lightly employed over clothing,the Chinese burn is  very effective in releasing and invigorating tired and sore arms.From hairdressers to carpenters,painters to typists,this move gives quick and easy relief.In conjunction with colourful sounding moves like rubbing,pinching scraping and rolling, it forms the group of highly effective techniques that make up Chinese massage.


Good “till The Last Drop

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How often have you felt a change in the way you’re being massaged, towards or at the end of the treatment as the oil is being wiped off ?  It’s like the atmosphere changes from a caring, rhythmic ” conversation ” to a detached business like interaction.You can often feel the withdrawal of the healing space and sense that the therapist is already focused on the next job at hand.

I have felt this numerous times as a recipient of massage over many years.

As a masseur my main goal is to make the special connection that I build with each client last, until I leave the room.In the same way that you gently put down a baby that you’ve nursed to sleep, my intention is to provide you with a soft landing to ease the transition from the massage space, back to the ” real ” world.