Roger takes the time to listen to each patient’s specific health concerns in an initial consultation. Advice is then provided on what therapies and approaches to health he is best placed to provide.

Centrepoint Acupuncture offers the following modalities and treatments to his clients. Please read more about each on their specific pages.


An ancient and tried practice, fine needles are inserted into the skin at strategic points on the body. Used to treat pain and other conditions or ailments, acupuncture can also be for relaxation and stress relief.

Chinese Massage

Closely related to acupuncture, Chinese massage aims to stimulate energy points and guide blood around the body to aid the body in healing itself.

Bach Flower Assessment

The Bach Flower remedy was discovered in the 1930s by Englishman Dr. Bach. The wildflower remedy is used to restore the balance between mind and body.

Chinese Herbal Assessment

Roger dispenses pre-pressed Chinese herbal capsules. Chinese herbs have been used for many centuries and can be taken for specific ailments or to promote general health. Like acupuncture, Chinese herbs work with the body to promote its self-regulating mechanisms in order to bring about healing.

Cupping, Gua Sha and Ear Candling is also available. See the fee schedule for more details. 

Call please Roger if you have any questions.